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RE: Earliest North American Tyrannosaurids

From: Darryl Jones <dinoguy@sympatico.ca>

At 08:21 AM 5/4/2002, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
Indeed, from that point onward in North America there are no
non-tyrannosauroid (and, save for _Daspletosaurus_, no non-tyrannosaurID)
large theropods known.

Whoa! I must have really missed something. Does this mean that Daspletosaurus is no longer considered part of the tyrannosauridae? It is now tyrannosauroidae? I am very confused.

No. I think you might have read that wrong, Darryl. What HP Holtz said was that, except for _Daspletosaurus_, there were no other known tyrannosaurids in North America (i.e. _Daspletosaurus_ is the only known tyrannosaurid from that time in that part of the world).
Hope that helped. ;)

Jordan Mallon


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