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RE: In (premature) defense of the USNM

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I visited the National Museum of Natural History today with my young
son, and we looked at both the main dinosaur hall and the Dinotopia

If I could, had the money that is, I'd fly out to Washington and see the
exhibit, maybe if it's around long enough...


The greatest risk of misinformation on dinosaurs being given to visitors
to the NMNH comes from the dinosaur hall itself - I am thinking of the
outdated dioramas and the inaccurately reconstructed Stegosaurus (yes
there is a panel explaining more up-to-date ideas about the arrangement
of the plates, but I didn't see anyone reading it).  I fear that the
casual visitor (which most of them are) is not going to learn about
feathered theropods until a few imaginitively mounted skeletons and
brightly coloured pictures (sorry HP Ford) are put front and centre in
the dinosaur hall, and Safari start to produce a few feathered models
for children to take home.<<

For why did you write (sorry HP Ford)? I believe your refereeing to my only
doing black and white drawings? If so, your are correct :(


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