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RE: Dinotopia Pics

According to the write-up at the web site it is a "_Stenonychosaurus_"
(now known as _Troodon_).  However, where the fourth finger came from, I
don't know - probably to make it seem more "human-like".  :-)   

This may be a throwback to the "Dinosauroid" sculpture, which was
supposed to be an possible extrapolation of "_Stenonychosaurus_" -
assuming the dinosaurs never went extinct.  

Back in 1986, when the Academy of Natural Sciences of Phila. (ANSP)
first changed the dinosaur exhibit [It was changed again in 1998]; a
copy of the "_Stenonychosaurus_" sculpture was installed, and a photo of
the "Dinosauroid" was glued to a mirror.  People had several reactions
to this photo on the mirror.  A small minority actually read the
description; some people didn't even notice the photo - they just used
the mirror!; some people thought that this was a real dinosaur that they
had never seen before; and finally, some people thought that this was
the "missing link" between dinosaurs and people!!!   Those of us who
were nearby tried to correct these mistaken impressions, but it was
often futile (but not always!).  [Note that our troubles were doubled
when the "Dinosaurs: A Global View" exhibit came to ANSP in 1991(?),
with both sculptures! :-)]

One note on the discussion about the Dinotopia exhibit - in those
museums that use them, docents (or trained guides) can often help
interpret the inconsistencies between a fanciful exhibit and the real
thing.  It's very gratifying to see someone "get it".  Additionally, at
various time, paleontologists could be found in Dinosaur Hall at ANSP,
many of whom would gladly explain things to visitors.  [Not always, but
it happens nonetheless].

Allan Edels 

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Regardless of all else, why does the ?Ornithomimosaur have 4 fingers?

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> Hopefully everyone isn't totally turned off by this.
> http://www.abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/movies/dinotopia/look.html