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Re: Irritator image for review

You wrote:
>My reconstruction is based on the photograph here http://www.zoo.utoronto.ca/sues/pict-page.htm. The snout, on the >other hand, is based on descriptions of the Angaturama specimen rather than photos, so the crest at the tip of the snout >might not even exist. I'm probably going to remove the crest and use the typical spinosaurid snout for the reconstruction. >But you can be sure that most of the skull is based on hard evidence.  :-)   
It is a good looking Irritator, must have been the third one since I said that one was available from me off-list, probably a very popular animal :) The thing was when doing my reconstruction, no information was available of the snouth of Angaturama and this seems to be the major problem. Since it is not certain if in fact the two genera are congeneric (my two cents are on a pterosaurian Angaturama...), the safest bet for now is just to draw a hypothized snouth, which would have been very similair to that of Spinosaurus marroccanus. Both are listed as Spinosaurini due to dental characters IIRC and the above mentioned species of Spinosaurus has the only known good snouth of it too (can't consider a partial maxilla with 4 tooth soccets as "good" for the other species).
Rutger Jansma