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Re: flight stroke

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From: "Waylon Rowley" <whte_rbt_obj@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, May 05, 2002 11:26 PM

> Let's say you have a gliding or leaping creature with
> a fairly well-developed tail. Am I correct that when
> the energy from take-off lessens at the end of the
> glide, that the tail's weight will begin to pull the
> back of the body down and the front up?

Sure, if the center of gravity is behind the center of lift. (Ebel thinks
just this was the case in Archie, which was therefore unable to glide
according to him.) Where the cg was in extinct animals with unknown
pneumaticity etc. etc. is... let's say challenging to test. :-)

> Could the flight-stroke be a
> way to help pull the forebody down again?

I don't think so. Moving the wings downwards or upwards _once_, or tucking
them in, so that they produce less lift, should be enough, shouldn't it?