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Re: In defense of paleoart (was: Re: In (premature) defense of the USNM)

> As I wrote for my Dinosauricon gallery:
> "In this world of pollution, war, and destruction of nature, drawing
> dinosaurs in their natural environment makes me find a kind of "lost
> paradise"."

*** MS  Ain't that the truth. For all our claims to superiority as a largely
advanced addition to the evolutionary ladder, ironically we are in many
the most pernicious form of "fungus", the "peel" of this planet has ever had
to cope with.  While from our perspective a future collision with an
seems ominous at best, GAIA (as a personification of the earth) might have
quite a different opinion, and may regard such an encounter as the
equivalent to a
good scrubbing down with a cosmic "loofah" sponge!  Perhaps we're no more
than an "irritant" in the "eye of eternity". . . :o)

> Thanks for giving your time to this discussion,
> Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.