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Re: In defense of paleoart (was: Re: In (premature) defense of the USNM)

> *** MS If we had the intellect of the other simple organisms populating
> planet, I could
> write off our conduct as excusable.  As it is, most of what we seem to
> "accomplish"
> is purely in the name of exploitation.  We seem to think that just because
> we're at the top
> of the food chain ( and are "aware" of it ), that it is our inherent right
> to assume a
> managerial role in respect to the rest of the "entourage" beneath us...
> ...Cheers (I think),
> Mike S.

Well, that's the law of the jungle for ya...one way or another, we _are_ a
product of evolution, so maybe evolution screwed itself over...? Seriously,
though, how many other species are concerned about conservation on a global
scale at all? Many species (elephants, for example) don't seem to care one
way or another about the havoc they bring to a given ecosystem when, say,
they mow down a forest. We might be masters of exploitation, but we are also
probably the most farsighted in terms of conservation as well...ah, the hell
that is self-awareness...

-Chris Srnka