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RE: Earliest North American Tyrannosaurids

> From: Darryl Jones [mailto:dinoguy@sympatico.ca]
> At 08:21 AM 5/4/2002, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> >Indeed, from that point onward in North America there are no 
> >non-tyrannosauroid (and, save for _Daspletosaurus_, no 
> non-tyrannosaurID) 
> >large theropods known.
> Whoa!  I must have really missed something.  Does this mean that 
> Daspletosaurus is no longer considered part of the 
> tyrannosauridae?  It is 
> now tyrannosauroidae?  I am very confused.
Sorry, typo.  Meant "_Dryptosaurus_"!!!

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