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RE: Halticosaurus longotarsus

> <<I've searched the databases I have access to, but I've been unable to come
> up with the citation for Von Huene (1908), and his description of
> _Halticosaurus longotarsus_. Any help would be appreciated.>>
> I guess you didn't look hard enough :)  The citation is listed on
> www.dinodata.net and in The Dinosauria:
> Huene, F. von (1907/1908). Die Dinosaurier der Europaiaschen Triasformation
> mit Berucksichtiging der aussereuropaischen Vorkommnisse. Geol. Paleont.
> Abhandl. Suppl. 1, 1-419
To the best of my english knowledge, this should translate as

The dinosaurs of the european trias formation with considerations of
extra-european findings (more literal: occurences)
Geol. Paleont. treatises



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