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RE: Gallimimus bullatus

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> I note that in Mesozoic Vertebrate Life there is a paper by Hurum on the
> lower jaw of Gallimimus bullatus. This is a species I've heard mentioned
> before, but I understood it was only a nomen nudum at best. Has
> it actually
> been described somewhere? Is this paper the description? Anyone have any
> more info?


_Gallimimus bullatus_ is a very, very well established ornithomimid.  It is
the ONLY species of ornithomimid for which there is a comprehensive
osteology (OSMOLSKA, H., RONIEWICZ, E & BARSBOLD, R. (1972) - A new
dinosaur, Gallimimus bullatus n. gen., n. sp. (Ornithomimidae) from the
Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia. Palaeontol. Polonica, 27: 103-143.)  It's the
one I named "Bullatosauria" after.

Heck, it is even the species featured in Jurassic Park!!

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