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RE: New dinosaur discoveries from Utah and Wyoming

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Subject: New dinosaur discoveries from Utah and Wyoming

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Mention of some new dinosaur discoveries from Utah and
Wyoming in a 5-7-02 press release from the Geological
Society of America:

Imagine a one-ton Big Bird à la Sesame Street, but instead
of friendly "hands," he has Freddie Claws. That's
basically what the Therizinosaurid dinosaur looks like
that geologist David Gillette's team from the Museum of
Northern Arizona (MNA) found in Kane County, Utah.
"This is a one ton plant-eating carnivore with really
bizarre claws," said Gillette. "It had slender arms and
really long bones in the hand with bladed claws that look
like sickles. With the sheath, the claws are about 15
inches long."
In 2001, Gillette's crew found an almost complete
skeleton, which is a rare find. Some Therizinosaurid
remains found in China caused quite a stir because they
were found with feather-like structures on them. The idea
that these creatures were among the ancestors of birds has
been gaining increased acceptance.
Gillette will present a preliminary report on their
discovery May 7 at the Geological Society of America Rocky
Mountain Section Meeting at the Southern Utah University

This will be like the third time he's reported on this therizinosaurid.
First was last year in Berkeley, then the SVP, now GSA. I've been told he's
trying to keep a tight lip on this find, but how can he do that if he keeps
talking about it? Interestingly, he won't go up to Salt lake to see the
Therizinosaur from Zuni Basin, New Mexico. I'd think that if your research
is on a certain type of animal you'd like to study like animals. Oh, well...

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