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Re: Measuring Morphological Distance

In a message dated 5/9/02 11:36:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time, mike@tecc.co.uk 

<< Now of course, there are all sorts of problems: incompleteness of
specimens is one, but even assuming good specimens -- say, the
complete skeletons of _Gorgosausus libratus_, represented by USNM
12814, and _Coelophysis bauri_, represented by one of the Ghost Ranch
skeletons -- is there a way of saying "These two animals at 74.5%
morphologically similar"? >>

       You might want to try Ralph Chapman's paper, "Shape Analysis in the 
Study of Dinosaur Morphology" in _Dinosaur Systematics_edited by Carpenter 
and Currie, Cambridge U Press, 1990. DV