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Re: The Armored Dinosaurs

There's a picture of Nodocephalosaurus kirtlandensis hight here: http://qilong.gq.nu/cgi-bin/i/Nodocephalosaurus_kirtlandensis_skull.jpg
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From: Fam Jansma
Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2002 2:10 AM
Subject: The Armored Dinosaurs

This is very late, since the book is almost out a year or so at the moment, but yesterday my parents came back from London and bought me a copy. After reading some segments in the book, a couple of questions and comments began to grow in my head and I wonder if any one could help me with them...
- In the chapter about Hesperosaurus, which is on overall pretty good, but it seems that Kenneth Carpenter and al. have
   a problem with skulls. They can't seem to get the elements right, especially in the out-line drawings with the bone
   identification. For instance, on the photograph on page 60 there are 10 skull bones known (excluding the lower jaw)
   and the drawings based on the skull elements on the next page show only 9 bones. And that is not all, in the top
   drawing the middle supraorbital is missing, while in the bottom drawing the partial braincase is missing.
- Again in the Hesperosaurus chapter, the different skull elements (when available of course on page 61:) can hardly be
   matched: the nasal is drawn with a slight bend, which is not there in the actual material), the maxilla is far more
   slender than it is drawn on page 61 and so fort. In total the upper drawing has only one bone correct and that is the
Has anyone else noticed this or am I just on my own here? Currently work has started on a new skull reconstruction of Hesperosaurus (based on the photograph) , I'll inform the list when it's done.
- The Hesperosaurus-chapter is getting a beating here, but again, if we look at page 62 (does this make me sound like 
   Jim's dad from American Pie...? ;)), there is this skull reconstruction of Stegosaurus stenops. This skull looks to
   strange IMHO and is more like an intermediate in a morph-program from the skull of Hesperosaurus to the real skull
   of Stegosaurus stenops. It is based on the skull/ skull-elements of DMNH 33365, but does the skull of this
   specimen really look like this? I don't know who has acces to the actual material, but if someone is possible to do so,
   any comments would be welcome.
The Phylogenetic Analyis of the Ankylosauria was one of the chapters I was most anticipating too, but a couple of genera emerged that are unknown to me. Could anyone help me with some information or pictures about the following genera?
- Polacanthus rudgwickensis
- Nodocephalosaurus kirtlandensis
- Pinacosaurus mephistocephalus
- Animantarx ramaljonesi
- Stegopelta landerensis
- Texasetes pleurohalio
Thanks in advance for any help,
Rutger Jansma

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