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RE: New dinosaur discoveries from Utah and Wyoming

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Subject: Re: New dinosaur discoveries from Utah and Wyoming

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< This will be like the third time he's reported on this therizinosaurid.
First was last year in Berkeley, then the SVP, now GSA. >
Dave Gillette didn't attend SVP in 2001.

< I've been told he's
trying to keep a tight lip on this find, but how can he do that if he keeps
talking about it?>
See my post of August 2001, written after I had visited the Museum of
Northern Arizona, talked to Dave, and saw the specimen:
I asked Dave if the find was secret or embargoed, and he said no. <<
See the following replies I received last year and you'll she why I said
what I said. It seams things are different now. I hope his paper comes out
>Ok, I don't really understand the last statement in that if they (being
>Dave Gillette) didn't want the information floating about the internet then
>why announce the findings in TWO not one international symposia? Kind of
>defeats the purpose doesn't it?<
In Dave's talk at NAPC, he said that the only reason that he was publishing
that data then is because it had cropped up on an internet discussion or
In discussions with him up here, he's expressed his desire to get the whole
thing prepped and well studied before publishing a full description, and has
implicitly stated that he doesn't want any word about exactly what it is
leaking out on internet discussion groups...sorry if my message seemed a bit
muddled when I wrote my earlier message. I was probably tired. :)

>In an article posted at dinosaurnews.com there is mention of the discovery
>of the second known North American therizinosaur in Utah.  Has anyone heard
>of this find?  Any details...or should I just wait for the paper?<
If this is the one I'm thinking of, its been mentioned in the abstract
volumes of both NAPC and SVPs meetings this year....however, I would
recomend that you wait for the paper...I know that the authors do not want
this information floating about the internet.

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< Interestingly, he won't go up to Salt lake to see the
Therizinosaur from Zuni Basin, New Mexico. I'd think that if your research
is on a certain type of animal you'd like to study like animals. Oh,
Won't, hasn't had the time to do so, or perhaps actually has seen the

I was expressing my opinion on a pers.comm... with Jim Kirkland and at the
time (a few months ago), Dave hadn't taken Jim up on his offer to see the
Zuni Therizinosaur, perhaps he has now.
Also, the authors of the paper about the Kaiparowits formation are correct.
Let me put it this way, Dave's and Jim's therizinosaur is just scratching
the surface...May be more info at this years SVP, I can say no more...

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