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Re: flight stroke (pretty short)

James R. Cunningham wrote:
> Not exactly.  I'm saying they can use morphology to
> provide flight control and stability, but when the >
brain develops for unstable flight, some selection >
factors can become more random.  Not quite the same
> thing.

OK. I'm pretty sure that a tail will alway have an
influence in flight, though. It's effect will not be
neutral. Maybe I misunderstand you.   

> Not necessarily.  It depends upon how the two tail
> types are used.  The animals usually maneuver more >
through roll than yaw anyway.

I should be more specific. Placing a short broad tail
close to the body, rather than extended on a long tail
will allow you to move up or down faster. It takes
more time for the long tail to move in a distal arch,
right? Rolling is another matter entirely. 

Waylon Rowley   

> > I assume this is what you mean by  other
> "selective forces."
> Actually, I was referring to stuff that has nothing
> to do with flight.
> Jim

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