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Re: Paleo-Conference in Benevento.

Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia wrote:

> You did not understand. It is not a matter of importance or not. You cannot
> take a photo of EACH and EVERY Italian fossil. Fullstop.
> But, of course, there is no true control on common people, just on the
> professionals without "padrini" in the State administration.
> Cheers
> Fabio

Not in this case I'm afraid. A big sign at the entrance of the Scipionyx (and
rest of fossils from Pietra Roja) exhibit stated clearly that NO PHOTOS were
allowed to anyone. And concerning the 'padrini', well, not even going
accompanied by Marco Signore or other organizers of the meeting (one of the
two official describers of the specimens) would let me take a couple of
innocent shots... in fact not even him was allowed at that precise exhibit.

In any case, this discussion is purely rhetorical... we know what is the
problem of course! OI was just trying to emphasize the 'can-of-worms'

Luis Rey

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