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Re: Paleo-Conference in Benevento.

On Sat, 11 May 2002 10:23:58  
 Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia wrote:
><<No photographs? Thay must be joking!  What has this to do with any
>protection? Am I going to 'steal its soul' ? Or maybe sell bootleg
>photographs of it? Scipionyx is popular, but not precisely a Rock Star.
>The specimen is well known... I have never come across an institution or
>country anywhere in the world that doesn't allow photographs of public
>exhibitions of fossil specimens.>>
>You did not understand. It is not a matter of importance or not. You cannot
>take a photo of EACH and EVERY Italian fossil. Fullstop.
>But, of course, there is no true control on common people, just on the
>professionals without "padrini" in the State administration.

This is very interesting to me.  Dr. Dalla Vecchia is absolutely correct in 
saying that there is no control on the common people.  When I was in Italy a 
few years back I had no problems taking photos of hundreds of Italian specimens 
at the natural history museums in Trento and Florence. In fact, the museum 
staff even encouraged the taking of photos (with flash if needed).  

On a related note, I completely agree with many other listmembers who have 
voiced their opinions on ridiculous prohibitions of photography in various 
museums.  Unless a fragile, scientifically valuable original fossil is on 
display, photographs should not be prohibited.  Museums and exhibitions not 
allowing photos of cast specimens is pointless.  Like most here on the list, I 
rely on photos taken at museums to help my own research.  The fact that every 
paleontologist whom I have visited has allowed me to take photos of original 
fossils in collection, while some museums frown on photos of casts, is amazing 
to me.


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