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Re: flight stroke (pretty short)

Waylon Rowley wrote:

> Sounds reasonable. You're basically saying that they
> are going from flight based heavily on morphology, to
> a more advanced "computerized" system.

Not exactly.  I'm saying they can use morphology to provide flight
control and stability, but when the brain develops for unstable flight,
some selection factors can become more random.  Not quite the same

> A shorter broader tail would also
> dramatically improve maneuvering abilities by reducing
> the amount of time it takes to pivot around the
> transverse axis.

Not necessarily.  It depends upon how the two tail types are used.  The
animals usually maneuver more through roll than yaw anyway.

> I assume this is what you mean by  other "selective forces."

Actually, I was referring to stuff that has nothing to do with flight.