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Re: flight stroke (pretty short)

James R. Cunningham wrote:
> In order to counteract the nose-down pitching moment
> produced by the wings while in flight.  Note though
> that there are also other ways to produce a tail 
> download, or to reduce the pitching moment. [snip] >
Therefore, as the brain develops for flight,
> selection for tail length should randomise 

Sounds reasonable. You're basically saying that they
are going from flight based heavily on morphology, to
a more advanced "computerized" system. The difference
between the Wright brother's airplane and a modern
F-117A Nighthawk. A shorter broader tail would also
dramatically improve maneuvering abilities by reducing
the amount of time it takes to pivot around the
transverse axis. I assume this is what you mean by
other "selective forces."

Waylon Rowley

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