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Re: flight stroke (pretty short)

James R. Cunningham wrote:

> I missed the beginning of this range issue.  What is
> in question here that has an effect on range?

If I understand HP Marjanovich correctly, birds flew
further and further from the water. I'm trying to
figure out why they would do so. So far escape from
predators or a better vantage point on prey has been
proposed. I doubt the latter suggestion is true, since
water refracts light, and would confuse it. 
As for the escape idea What kind of aquatic predators
would prey on little birds?

> This concept confuses me
> Could you elaborate please?

If they had little need for bipedal running and spent
most of their time getting from here to there by
flying why would they need a tail to counterbalance
the body?

Waylon Rowley

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