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Re: Thylacine rumours...

Patrick Norton wrote:
> As long as we're expressing opinions about cloning, allow me to say
> that I am far less enthralled with it in this instance, if only for
> the reason that we would be resurrecting an animal that has little, if
> any, natural habitat remaining in which to live.

Are you kidding? There's plenty of prime thylacine habitat left in
Tasmania, some of it never visited by Europeans (and perhaps not by
Aborigines either - there's some rough terrain out there). The area to
the south of Wynyard and Mawbanna (the latter where the last verified
sighting occured - ie. the animal was shot and killed) is mostly forest
with numerous national parks. The Dip Range, the Savage River National
park, the Hellyer Gorge area - not to mention the more remote areas to
the west of there - would do quite nicely for Thylacine re-introduction,
as perhaps areas on the mainland now that dingo numbers have been
reduced or wiped out completely in some places.

No dinosaurs, and an almost cry***z**logy-like thread... any bets on how
long it will last before being killed?


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