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Re: Thylacine rumours...

As long as we're expressing opinions about cloning, allow me to say that I am far less enthralled with it in this instance, if only for the reason that we would be resurrecting an animal that has little, if any, natural habitat remaining in which to live.  No doubt, however, that they would be a profitable exhibit for zoos.  The science of cloning is impressive, but the wisdom of applying that knowledge to such efforts escapes me. I would personally like to the money that will be spent to clone Thylacines spent to preserve some habitat of those many other animal populations that are not yet extinct, but are endangered or threatened.
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From: Ann Schmidt
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 1:11 PM
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Subject: Re: Thylacine rumours...
I can't wait to hear the news, it would be wonderful if they even got enough funding for the cloning attempt.  And just imagine if they succeed, the application to other recently or possibly extinct species would be very exciting.  I wonder if they could get enough DNA from a Great Auk skin... 
Though I personally believe the Thylacine still exists in Tasmania and possibly eslewhere this cloning attempt may be the only chance I ever have to see one in the flesh and in color. 
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Subject: Thylacine rumours...

Hi all â forgive what may look like a cross-posted troll, but Iâve been made aware on a number of mailing lists now that the Australian Museum of Natural History and the Discovery Channel have been issuing invitations to science journalists for a gathering on May 28th to make a âmajor announcement regarding their thylacine programâ [thatâs research, not TV program ;)].

Iâm guessing itâs a funding go-ahead for the cloning attempt, but on the offchance that itâs either a rediscovery or a cloning attempt 10 years ahead of schedule: I know there are a few TV/journo types here â anyone know anything more?