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Theropod limbs - how mobile?

While I was messing around with a dead chicken today ( before cooking it, of course!) I noticed that the humerus couldn't extend beyond the shoulder joint. It would go flat against the body, or stick out to the sidde at about 90 degrees, but would not go any further forward. Is this normal in birds, and does it also hold true for dromaeosaurs? 
Secondly, I'm looking out my window now at a blackbird eating food in my garden. In spite of the fact that his hind limbs only work in a parasagittal plane, he's spread his legs really wide to perch. I can't tell if this abduction is being carried out by the hip or the knee. The bird's foot is also turned outwards markedly. Can somebody tell me what degree of hindlimb (and forelimb) mobility is available to dromaeosaurs?
Thanks in advance,
Michael Lovejoy