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Re: Dinotopia Movie

geez.....take a pill and get off your soapbox.  I didn't join this list to hear the ramblings of gun-happy people like you, so take it off list if you want to rant about your God-given right to bear arms.  This is a dinosaur list, not a list discussing the amendment rights of dinosaurs in mythical televison programs.
You might wanna try using your spell-check feature as well....
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Subject: Re: Dinotopia Movie

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>">I didn't know Dinotopians don't believe in the second amendment >:P"  

   >"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a
>free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be

   >That's the Second Amendment.  Americans have a right to keep and
>bear arms as long as they are part of a well-regulated militia.  The
>National Rifle Association and popular culture has you fooled into
>believing that you can own a gun without being "well-regulated" in one form
>or another.

   >All you have to do is read the Second Amendment and think about
>what they MEANT when they wrote it, not what people mean NOW."

      Yes...keep listening to those feel-good political scum bags.  What are you talking about the popular culture is full of anti-gun liberals most of the media IS!  The stupid people in Dinotopia thinks they are too good and don't need weapons when there's dinosaurs running around for Pete's sakes!    I'm a strong pro-gun believer and think the more better armed a society is the harder time the criminals will have.  Why don't criminals  mess with police departments and steal from gun stores?  When Australia took 500 million dollars from tax payers to take guns away, why did the crime rate nearly triple?  Brittian's crime rate went up too when they banned guns, they just don't have the freakin' balls to admit their mistakes.  Drugs are outlawed, are there still drugs in the streets?  Hell yeah!  Gun bans only affect law-abidding citizens.  A true criminal wouldn't give a rat's ! ! ass if the guns are banned or not they can always get some.  It's the the law-abidding citizens that are in trouble when their only means of effective defense is taken away from them, giving the criminals unlimited power to harass and hurt defenseless people.  You can't always rely on police, they may be too late for you and/or your love ones.  Any cop in his or her right mind would support the procession of firearms for a citizen.   I think Dinotopia (and Disney) is Anti-gun, Anti-weapon period.  I am sick of Anti's, no more Dinotopia and Disney for me.  Why would anyone refuse to have the most effective way of protecting their family and loved ones,  and worse yet try to take it away from other people, just to feel better is beyond me.  If you are an Anti-gunner please reconsider your position, even though your intentions are probably good, you are unknowingly or ignorantly putting us all in even more danger.

If you have read this far, might as well look at these:





If you don't want to protect you and your family, fine!  But don't put everybody else in danger.  Or are you a criminal wanting an easier time with your victims?