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RE: dinotopia is just tv

--- "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@geol.umd.edu> wrote:

> Zippo the "troodont" had very few Troodon features; indeed, it struck me as
> Jar Jar Binks in a vaugely ornithomimid form.  Yes, I know: animators want
> fleshy faces to express emotions.  Too bad they didn't feather the
> individual so that they could give him eyebrows...

Did they ever say that he was supposed to be a "troodont"? I noticed these

1. lack of first pedal digit
2. four manual digits
3. lack of feathery integument

2 means he cannot be a tetanuran, and 3 would suggest this as well. I think
_Velocisaurus_ might fit the bill? (Not that anyone working on the
"mega-series" has probably ever heard of it ... maybe someone knowledgeable
about _Crocodylotarsi_ can suggest what those creatures attacking the bridge
could have been.)

One complaint I haven't seen here yet is the incredibly washed-out photography.
I constantly felt like my eyes were adjusting to bright sun - many details lost
in a blurry white glare.

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