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Re: Tyrannosaur Skin Appearance

> I am trying to do a life restoration of one.  Does  > anybody know how the 
> scales are arranged and how big > each of them (scale) are?  Based on the 
> skin        > impressions found found so far.  

> Oh, and just curious, could there be the slightest  > possibility of 
> dinosaurs shedding their skin or     > molting?  

> Thank you in advance for any response at all.  


>From what I've gathered from various DML posts and news articles on it, the 
>scales are very small and beaded. They sound a lot like the scales seen in 
>Gekkonids, so I'd say go with a gecko type of scale pattern. This would also 
>mean that, just like in geckos, the scales would not be noticable from a 
>distance, making it look more like bare skin from afar.

As for shedding, it a definite that it happened, buy I'm not sure how it 
happened. Personally, I think it went one scale at a time as in crocs and 
turtles, and not in sheets.

How do birds shed their scales?


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