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Re: dinotopia is just tv

I agree with John - to an extent. Being an educator means, sometimes, using the tools you get. If that tool is not as accurate as it could be, use that inaccuracy as a starting point. After all, as scientists, we will not be able to spot all inaccuracies and torpedo them before they get out into the popular media. If you would like to see an example of this, go to eBay and see how many times a woolly mammoth comes up in a search for dinosaur products!

Brentasaurus, Mad Scientist

  John Conway <john_conway@mac.com> wrote:

On Monday, May 13, 2002, at 11:46 PM, Jenny Lando wrote:
> We all get too worked up about scientific accuracy. This is a Disney
> production for children - something fun and exciting for them to watch.
> And yes, there will be some merchandising around it. But it will not
> confuse the children as being scientifically correct. They will not
> start capturing mosquitoes hoping to clone a T. rex, instead, they will
> realize
> they are watching a STORY. One person's idea of what would happen in a
> human & dinosaur society.

I disagree, although children will realize they are watching a story,
they will also assume that the dinosaurs are visually accurate. After
all, why shouldn't they be?

Peoples understanding of dinosaurs is very "fuzzy". They are bombarded
with images, and may not be able to reme! ! ! mber what context they picked up
their impression. Their understanding of the appearance of dinosaurs
(and other extinct animals) is going to be based on the totality of
images, not the authority of the context they saw them in.

The possible "damage" done by such movies and television is not
misunderstandings about behaviour etc., but to the perception of

So, we should do our level best to make sure that ALL the images that
get out there are as scientifically accurate as possible.

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