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dinotopia is just tv

>From an educator's point of view.....

My biggest concern when any new dinosaur related movie/tv show comes out is
to prepare myself for the flood of questions I will receive the weeks

And so it's my homework to watch the new show.

We should probably remember that the original - the books - are wonderful
and obviously a work of fiction, but also a great series for those middle
readers who still enjoy visuals with text (and also great for the kids
inside all of us).

The TV series - which makes it free and accessible to the public - unlike
other movies......  is also that.  An interpretation of fiction.

We all get too worked up about scientific accuracy.  This is a Disney
production for children - something fun and exciting for them to watch.
And yes, there will be some merchandising around it.  But it will not
confuse the children as being scientifically correct.  They will not start
capturing mosquitoes hoping to clone a T. rex, instead, they will realize
they are watching a STORY.  One person's idea of what would happen in a
human & dinosaur society.

And if you are looking for any accuracy in the piece... it would have to be
the statement that the "carnivores are not evil, they are just hungry by

My two cents   (gosh, these must be adding up)

: ) Jenny

Jenny Lando
Assistant Coordinator/Paleontology of Dinosaurs
Moveable Museum
Education Department:AMNH
Central Park West @ 79th Street
NYC NY 10024
212-769-5329 (fax)