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Sandy Site (was RE: K-T mammals)

At 03:29 PM 5/12/2002, Tracy L. Ford wrote:
At the Sandy Site in South Dakota, there is a huge diversity of the latest
Maastrichtian fauna, dinosaurs, etc. But since it's a 'privately' collected

I am still a bit sketchy on this HUGE diversity. You and I have talked about this before. I got from the archives (August 11, 1998):

>The dinosaur count is 10 theropods, 1 hadrosaur, 2 thescelosaurs, 6 NEW >ornithischians, 3 pachycephalosaurs, 1 ceratopsian.

Are these figures still accurate? The hadrosaur and the ceratopsian are both fairly normal (Edmontosaurus and Triceratops). Are the rest definites or is it possible that there is some ontogenic variation happening? 10 theropods is either really cool (if well preserved) or major league splitting.

I really wish that some of this stuff could be published or at least reported on (like I said in the first go round at this, I talked to Mike about this at the SVP in Pittsburgh). It was some great, well preserved material. He was proud of the material (read - willing to talk at great lengths about his finds) and really wanted it to be reported. It is too bad that this is a commercial endeavor, or it probably would have been published by now (although he SEEMS to be amoung the best of what the commercial fossil world has to offer).

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