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K-T Extinction Info (WAS: K-T mammals)

As George has mentioned, it could be a local phenomena only.  However,
even if the decline WAS real and global, it most likely would not have
meant the end of the dinosaurs (EXCLUDING AVIAN DINOSAURS - i.e. birds)
- without the asteroid (or some other bolide) striking the earth.

There are other partial extinctions throughout the Mesozoic, but the
dinosaurs managed to survive.  The Triassic-Jurassic boundary is marked
by major faunal changes, as is the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary.  And,
unless I am mistaken, there are other faunal changes, where the
dinosaurs nearly became extinct - but they bounced back, mostly in new

The dinosaurs were hit by the bolide at a time when they were already
weakened (for many possible reasons).  Had it occurred at another time,
even the massive hit MAY NOT have caused a complete extinction.   

In other words, all the dinosaurs were injured and limping, and then the
bolide opens fire with an Uzi.  The Uzi wouldn't have mattered that much
if the dinos weren't in such bad shape - and weren't hanging around in
the wrong place.  :-)  [At least some of them would have escaped].

Allan Edels 

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<< They're not talking about elimination before--they're saying that
 was a steep decline in diversity and numbers (if memory serves) in the
 Hell Creek formation. >>

If there was indeed a pre-KT dinosaur decline in the Hell Creek (big
it could have had any number of different local explanations and
probably had 
very little to do with the global KT dinosaur extinction event.