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Dinotopian observations of Mike Brett-Surman

Mike (whose very busy with plans for field work this summer) asked me to
point out the following observations of Dinotopia the TV Megathingy:
Did you catch the following?

Zippo is a "Stenonychosaurus".

The fresh water reptiles that attack the wooden bridge guarding the entrance
to World Beneath are supposed to be MOSASAURS.

When the ankylosaur senator interrupts Zippo's report about the World
Beneath, the mayor says "the Alamosaurus is correct...........".

Dinotopians are famous for their care of the dinosaurs. So why did they
leave a 60 foot high metal covered brachiosaur outside during a lightning

The head master of the Skybax school says "since the two species diverged
(pteranodons and tyrannosaurs) they haven't spoken to each other".

And of course - "chamosaurus is a hadrosaur".

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