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Re: Greg Paul's DA

You wrote:
Has this book become available in Britain yet? I've had a copy on order for 10 months now, and it seems everyone else on the list already has it! Have any other Brits out there received it yet? 
My partents went to visit London about last week and of course, I gave them a small list of books that I wanted. This list included: "The Armored Dinosaurs", "The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia" and last but certainly not the least, "Dinosaurs of the Air". They only returned with the first one, but asked around for the latter two. The reception desk of Waterstones IIRC saying them, said that the book will be out May for the soonest. Bugger... ;) This is the reason that everyone else on the list seems to have it, they are all Yankees! :) (No offence guys)
Rutger Jansma