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Re: new web page

From: "Matthew Bonnan" <mbonnan@hotmail.com>
> Just de-lurking to let anyone who is interested know that I have just
> a new website for kids and their teachers called "Ask Dr. Matt."  I would
> interested in any comments or suggestions on the website -- I have tried
> include what I felt were quality links, but if there are some I may have
> forgotten or am unaware, I'd appreciate any suggestions.  Some parts are
> still under construction.
> Thanks.
> http://www.wiu.edu/users/mfb100/askmatt.html

Hi Matt,

For your website, and also for everybody on-list who make kids interested by
dinosaurs, you'll maybe wanna visit
It's the Project Prosauropod of the Fundy Geological Museum (Nova Scotia),
they show how an EJ prosauropod is being prepared.

They even have an email list, you can be informed when the page is updated
and kids can even ask their questions to the lab team.
Very cool site.

Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.