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dinosaur science and (new subject) virus protection

I realize it might be hard to refrain from critiquing the artistry of
Dinotopia amongst a group of people you know are interested in
dinosaurs, but as you should know, this list is for fostering an
interest in dinosaur science.  It says so right in our charter which
is now prominently displayed on our web page.  It's been that way
since Mary and I made DML administrative web page version 2.0
available to the world at large about a month and a half ago:


I'd hoped to hold off that anouncement until I had a few other things
installed (like the rules you've been waiting a year for on a DML
T-shirt contest).  But alas, since by now hopefully SOME of you have
seen the new versions I'd say an official announcement is past due.

Back to where I started, Mary shut down any non-science discussion of
Dinotopia, and you must heed that thread ban or suffer the
consequences.  If you have a message which you think you'd like to
send but worry that it might trigger disciplinary action we strongly
encourage you to write to one of us first.

In unrelated news, the Klez virus has not only been sent through the
list twice, but it appears to be spoofing various addresses (including
the list address) to make it look like it's coming from people on our
list.  Everybody please make sure that you have the latest updates of
your virus protection software since this sort of thing is presumably
occurring as a result of the virus rifling through the address books
of list subscribers.  On at least one occasion it has come "from" an
address that doesn't exist any more.  That makes it hard to find out
who really sent it and thus who is definitely infected...

I've been trying to get USC to install a virus filter that will
prevent such things from going out through the list.  The wheels of
bureaucracy grind slowly, however, so I don't know if or when they
might get such software installed.  If it doesn't happen soon and we
keep getting assaulted we'll have no choice but to implement the cheap
filter that runs within listproc.  It is designed to reject all html
or MIME encoded messages.  Those of you on VRTPaleo have some idea of
what a problem this would be -- I suspect it would be worse on this
list.  So, please, everyone make sure your machines are safe and
uninfected so that we don't have to consider the no-attachment filter
any more seriously than we already have.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)
 (the original, not some clone)