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RE: Cuteness



There are a few “baby” ceratopsians. 


There is a growth series of _Protoceratops_ from around 20” long to full grown (7-8 feet) on display at AMNH (NYC).  These included many specimens.  Also, I saw a small _Bagaceratops_ specimen once (probably mostly reconstructed).   I’m sure someone can name a few others.


Note that both of these juveniles exhibit a “cuteness” – basically very large eyes in a large head, with a shorter snout (as compared to the adults).  A similar effect can be noticed in the evolution of Mickey Mouse’s facial features from the 1920’s until now.  J  There are other features which also show similar changes through growth, but I’m not going to list them now.


(Interestingly, humans show this similar cuteness as compared to the other great apes).

Allan Edels

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Number 26 on Dinotopia has left me with this question.  Are any remains known of baby ceratopians?  If so I wonder if they were that cute because that thing was adorable!


I must wonder though, why did the Sunstones failing cause the Pteranodons to attack?  It was never really explained. 


P.S  I hope that that non scientitific question is okay since I included one that does relate to scientific accuracy.