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Re: Today's Stupid Question

You wrote

>Can anyone explain how the titanosauriform Ornithopsis -- known only
>from a couple of dorsal verts on display at the NHM, London -- came to
>be called "bird face"?
It has something to do with Seely and all his weird ideas about dinosaur
physiology, but that's not the point. The thing is that he named the verts
this way, was because he found the amount of air-holes (pneumacies, wrong
spelling, my English is leaving me), which are also shared by birds.
Don't ask me in what way he would have reconstructed it if he carried the
idea even further, for example, by actually saying it was a bird. Very big
It's on the Dinosauria website IIRC, if you are interested in further
But now that Mike has mentioned this genus, is it a trully diagnostic genus
or is it referable to Pelorosaurus? And what is the status of Macrurosaurus
and Dinodocus? Obscure Wealden sauropods, give me a lot of headaches...

Rutger Jansma

ps. it is not a stupid question :)