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Re: Dinotopian observations of Mike Brett-Surman

JP III says it all :)
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Datum: woensdag 15 mei 2002 16:57
Onderwerp: Re: Dinotopian observations of Mike Brett-Surman

I must say that Dinotopia is very good compared to other dinosaur movies I've seen, even though it's littered with inaccuracies and mistakes.
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Subject: Dinotopian observations of Mike Brett-Surman

> Mike (whose very busy with plans for field work this summer) asked me to
> point out the following observations of Dinotopia the TV Megathingy:
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> Did you catch the following?
> Zippo is a "Stenonychosaurus".
That did bother me.
> The fresh water reptiles that attack the wooden bridge guarding the entrance
> to World Beneath are supposed to be MOSASAURS.
Sad, sad, very sad.
> When the ankylosaur senator interrupts Zippo's report about the World
> Beneath, the mayor says "the Alamosaurus is correct...........".
Maybe he meant Amtosaurus???
> Dinotopians are famous for their care of the dinosaurs. So why did they
> leave a 60 foot high metal covered brachiosaur outside during a lightning
> storm?
> The head master of the Skybax school says "since the two species diverged
> (pteranodons and tyrannosaurs) they haven't spoken to each other".
I missed that part.
> And of course - "chamosaurus is a hadrosaur".
The way it was pronounced bothered me more than that (KAS-me-o-SAWR-us)
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