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Re: Theropod limbs - how mobile?

>Michael Lovejoy wrote:
>> It sounds like the arms didn't function well as anything but wings -
>> does this support the secondarily flightless scenario?
Tim Williams wrote:
>Not necessarily.  According to Gishlick, the two forelimbs of dromaeosaurs
>were adapted for an extremely powerful two-handed grip.
How can someone say without or with a slight doubt when the forelimbs are
powerfull, that the hands must be strong? Most of this is based on
speculation, since we are not able to step into a time machine, shoot a poor
Dromie and see how it's forelimb would have worked. Cool idea though,
perhaps, after surviving the T.rex Jack Horner (older post) can do something
with these animals. My opinion is that strong forelimbs do not immediatly
advocate a powerfull grip. T.rex' forelimbs were powerfull, as is shown by
extensive studies on the musculature, but it's hands are capable of almost

Rutger Jansma