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New 2002 paper & a correction for Qilongia

     Herve Fritz, Patrick Duncan, I.J. Gordon, A.W. Illius, 2002. Megaherbivores influence trophic guilds in African ungulate communities. Oecologia 131(4):620-625. For those interested in structuring useful insights into probable hadrosaur/ceratopsian/sauropod herd behaviour and ecomorphologies (Walter Bock's form-function complex is a good paradigm), ongoing field studies of extant mammalian megaherbivores are rich in nuances.
      For Qilongia re: Dinotopia...when I spoke of "talking dinosaurs" and "cute hominids", I was speaking in broad terms of "talking" being communication ("body language", linguistics using tongue and palate, etc., and any combinations thereof), and "cute hominids" being those individuals who, presuming to be actors, iterate words put on paper by those who are typewriters not authors/artists. I was not speaking of the travesty of Dinosaur. On moral/ethical and intellectual grounds -- cf. Marc Eliot's well-researched analysis of Uncle Walt -- in my in-progress book, Alfred Russel Wallace's KING KONG, I do not, and shall not, dignify protofascism with any aura of creative  legitimacy... and I am well aware of the differences between lemurs and allies and hominid taxa.