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Re: Theropod limbs - how mobile?

300 LBS = ?150 Kgs. Impressive as that is in human terms, it is weak in
T.rex terms. T.rex's would weigh between four and eight tonnes
(depending on the estimate and the individual); when it moved or stood
up we are looking at many tonnes of force, not kilograms (or LBS). I
can't see T.rex's arms being used to hold a female during mating, they
would be ripped off. As for gripping carcasses, why? Why would it want
to hold a carcass to it's chest? Even if it did, it could only hold
relatively small chunks, because again, it's prey were also multi-tonne

Is it possible that the heavy musculature on tyrannosaurid arms was
simply retained from ancestors, and didn't serve any function?

I don't agree with it being non-functional, even though its pretty well muscled. For it gripping onto carcasses, to possible role it over on the other side (Where the meat is more tender, T.rex would have to keep his teeth, why would he go on and break everyone), I know that the jaws of T.rex were very strong. Its ancestors like the primitive Eotyrannus had arms that were long and slender, until it began to reach a point where the arms began getting smaller, but a lot stronger as you see that T.rex was really the end product. It was probably not to do everything, but small things, lifting itself with the help of its hindlimbs just to ease its upper body up from the ground? There's no evidence in fossil impressions that it did or is their something that already did this?

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