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Re: Greg Paul's DA

> Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 14:30:12 EDT
> From: HPB1956@aol.com
> I received my copy two weeks ago by Amazon.de. It needed only ten
> days after my order to reach me here in Germany (a non-Yankee
> minority country inside the DML).

Just a reminder for any Brits who haven't already thought of this --
but the Amazon sites will generally deliver across countries.  I've
ordered from Amazon.com to arrive in England more than once, had
Amazon.co.uk send me books on holiday in France, and also had them
send a book as a present to a friend in Denmark.  No problems on any
count, so I'm sure we Brits could get Amazon.de to ship us _Dinosaurs
of the Air_ easily enough.

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