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A Request for Information

The company I work for, Mad Science of Central Ohio, is looking for a "reasonably accurate" (no Brontosaurus, or Stegosaurus with front/hind limbs reversed, or tails dragging, etc) dinosaur skeleton that is strong enough to take on the road to show students in our classes.

Details: fairly small (up to 1.5 ft long), lightweight (under 20 lbs), inexpensive (I don't have a maximum amount, but I've been told to keep it cheap!), reasonable accurate, sturdy (four-footed might be better than two-footed), and doesn't have a lot of projections that will catch on bubbewrap or paper being used to protect it (presently, we have an old Stegosaurus model that has had its plates broken off so many times that it is nearly impossible to repair). Please reply to me off-list.

Thank you for your help!

Brentasaurus : )

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