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Re: Thylacine Postscript

Danvarner@aol.com wrote:
>  I'm sorry, but I never was good at math. Knight and Gleeson
> created their artworks of the living Thylacine in Washington D.C.
> circa 1902. "Benjamin", formerly of the Hobart Zoo was captured in
> 1924 and died in September of 1936. I'll put up Gleeson and Knight
> against Gould any day! DV

There are two possibilities:

1. The photo that is traditionally attributed to "Benjamin" is not
definitely of that animal. It probably was photographed at Beaumaris
Zoo, but exactly when, and by whom, is uncertain. It may have been of an
earlier animal.

2. I could have been mistaken. On comparison, the angle of the head in
the photo and Knight's work is exactly the same, but there are
differences in the angles of the limbs. When I first saw the Knight
painting it reminded me strongly of the photograph. It could just be
coincidence that the two animals were stiking similar poses at a similar
angle to the observer. I thought it too much of a coincidence at the
time. Sometimes Occam's Razor doesn't work...


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