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Re: Asteroid Impact Ended The Triassic

> The team used a high-resolution mass spectrometer at the lab of Christian
> Koeberl of the University of Vienna in Austria to find iridium traces

What! The guy _here_ in the Institute of Geochemistry!!! (Right next to the
room where a certain Prof. Michael R. Rampino reads Catastrophic Geology.
=8-) ) And they don't show off with it (while another institute has several
posters, all over the place, about GLOF -- Glacial Lake Outflow Flood --
studies in Bhutan)! :-o That's gonna be interesting...

> Still to be found is what would be a vast crater, said Olsen, [...]

What about that Nature paper from 1997 about a possible Tr-J boundary crater
chain throughout North America and Europe (ref later)?

"Now paleontologists have, by means of fossils, discovered two new species:
Coelurosaurus, a meat-eater, and Nothronychus, a plant-eater."
        Under a title that retranslates as "Dinosaurs conquer the world",
WDRA comes to German TV on May 30.