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Re: Theropod limbs - how mobile?

>300 LBS = ?150 Kgs. Impressive as that is in human >terms, it is weak in 
>T.rex terms. T.rex's would weigh between four and    > eight tonnes (depending 
>on the estimate and the individual); when it moved or > stood up we are 
>looking at many tonnes of force, not kilograms (or   > LBS). I can't see 
>T.rex's arms being used to hold a female during      > mating, they would be 
>ripped off


Too bad no one has done a study on the relative strength of boid spurs (which 
are only used for arousing the females). It would be interesting to see if the 
strength relation would scale equal with the relative arm strength seen in 

Oh and before anyone says anything, most boid spurs are not sexually dimorphic 


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