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* Dinosaurs walking the earth once more * Bulldozers threaten buried Fossils * Bone Home * This week in Dinosaurnews

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The headlines:

**  Dinosaurs walking the earth once more
A full-length model of the skeletal structure of the seismosaurus will make
its world debut at "The Greatest Dinosaur Expo 2002"

**  "Turkey Dino" Found in Ancient Sea
The fossilized remains of what could be the most puzzling dinosaur yet have
been unearthed in Kane County, Utah. (See also "recent discoveries")

**  Ocean Ecosystems Only Altered Following Two Great Mass Extinctions
Marine life had to re-evolve after two major extinctions in order for shrimp
and whales and other sea life as we know it to come into being

**  Dinosaur Supertree
The most comprehensive picture yet of how dinosaurs evolved has been
produced by a team at Bristol University.

**  Asteroid May Have Brought About Dinosaur Age
It opened the way for the age of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic, just as the
later asteroid allowed mammals to evolve


**  In China, bulldozers threaten buried relics
In 1999, scientists in Guizhou province in south-western China found fossils
of 14 dinosaurs, but had enough money to dig up only 10 of them

**  Professor will use dinosaur replica to educate others
Ken Neuhauser, a professor of geology at Fort Hays State University, has a
simple philosophy when it comes to giving students
hands-on experience.

**  The Big Question: Crater clue to dinosaur demise
A thin layer of clay found all around the world contains iridium, a rare

**  Dino-Culinary site of the week: Trilobite Cookies
These cookies are the result of Hart's most recent research into what
ancient trilobites would have tasted like if primitive biochemical processes
were based on jam/chocolate/cookie molecules

**  Recent Dinosaur Discoveries in Utah and Wyoming
Imagine a one-ton Big Bird à la Sesame Street, but instead of friendly
"hands," he has Freddie Claws

**  Dinosaur hunter seeks home for those bones
University of Chicago dinosaur hunter Paul Sereno is looking to do just
that--give his beasts a permanent home in his own world-class exhibition

**  Fossilized plant may have been first flower
The ancestor of all the grains, fruits and blossoms of the modern world may
have been a fragile water plant that lived in a Chinese lake 125 million
years ago

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