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The ecology of the Cloverly formation

Hi fellow DML members,
In a previous post a mentioning was made about a revised Deinonychus restoration in light of the post by HP Tim Williams and the riggidty of it's hands. This has made me look into the animals possible behaviour again and perhaps some extra clues may lie within the ecology of the area the holotype was found in (it was the Cloverly formation right?) But does someone have any information about this area about the way it probably was during the Aptian/Albian? Special interest goes to how numerous were big rocks, mountains or that sort of structures?
"The Dinosauria" listed it that the formation represents overbank floodplain deposits reflecting a lowland riparian (?) enviroment, but does this still hold or has the general idea been changed in the meantime by more recent research?
Thanks in advance for any help,
Rutger Jansma