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Tyrannosaurus Sue!

Hello all:)

I went up to the Gainsville Natural History Museum today to see a cast of
Sue. I'm not going to bore you with wonder and awe because I didn't really
feel any (I'm not a T. rex fan, give me a huge pack of Allosaurs any day!)
They had alot of interesting things for people to play with. Very nicely

Anyways, I was wondering just how accurate is this skull reconstruction? It
appears to have a much more concave profile than other reconstructions I've
seen (they had a cast of the LA T. rex in the lobby.) The teeth seemed
really small to me (again the L.A. rex had much larger teeth) but the arm
bones were surprizingly robust compaired to the Wanckle (sp) rex.

Here are a few bad pics from my digital camera:


I also noticed that almost all of the neural spines from the first neck
vertebrae to a good third of the way down the tail appear to be arthritic or
crushed, something I've never heard mentioned before (which explains why HP
GSP's restorations have raised spines over the shoulder area and Sue does

My personal reaction, Sue was not an attractive animal. She seems to be
missing all of the graceful lines and curves of other rexes. Her 42 ft frame
was impressive but she appears to lack the powerful looking jaws of others
of her spieces. All in all a very interesting experiwnce:)