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Re: Dinosaur art

Hi Filippo

> [the paintings are wonderful :-)]


> I've noticed Nomingia has been reconstructed with an oviraptorid-like
> and , since I seem to remember it was considered a  basal oviraptorosaur
> quite unclear affinities ( at least judging from what I see on the net and
> from what has been posted by Mickey M. and others on the list), I just
> wanted to know if this is somehow supported or what.....just being curious
> (BTW the painting is , as all the others, impressive).

***The front half of the Nomingia rendering is strictly conjecture. When the
brief was originally submitted to Nature, Phil Currie asked me to produce an
of the dinosaur. As you know, the preserved elements of the posterior
portion of
the postcrania have characters associating it to oviraptorids. Phil decided
that it
would be best to give it generalized Oviraptor skull and forelimbs, allowing
shortened tail and (implied) tail fan to then stand out as it's
distinguishing features.
I for one, will be very interested to see what a more complete specimen
like, if and when another is discovered and subsequently described.


Mike Skrepnick

> cheers
> Filippo Calzolari