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How did you become "Paleo Artist?"

Hi all, I'm going to be starting my third college semester this fall and am thinking that an art or drawing class would be a good option.  So my question is what kind of classes did you take to develop your drawing and painting skills, especially in rendering living creatures? 
Also I know it is extremely hard to make a living as an artist let alone a prehistoric life artist so what else do those of you who draw do for a living?  Are there job openings at museums for people to draw or paint murals, descriptions etc for exhibits?  
I doubt that I have the skill to do a whole lot, though I've drawn dinosaurs since I was a little kid, but its something which might be fun to learn even if it doesn't lead to a career.  Many thanks for any help.
P.S  How do you change the email?  I'd like for the list to recognize me as Jonathan and not "Schmidt" or "Ann."   Would the simplest thing to do be to unsubscribe and subscribe again with the new name?  I looked on the FAQ and if the answer is there I didn't recognize it.